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Yes, I do use and support this operating system!

My contributions to FreeBSD can be viewed here.


An irc client which acts as xdcc server to distribute files.

Visit the master site of iroffer.

Extensions and bug-fixes for iroffer are free on my patch site.

Agenda Vr3

I ported a few programs to this small Linux-Computer!

My contributions to can be viewed here.


a powerfull system for distribution of news.

More Information about c-news

Donwload c-news or latest patches (fast link)

Donwload c-news or latest patches (maste site)


a system to support point programs with standard RFC compliant systems.

More Information about Unix-Connect

Download Unix-Connect (fast link)

Donwload Unix-Connect (master site)


Dinoex Mailbox

a server for wide distributed networks, supplying Points with eMail and News.

More information about Dinoex Software


a package for creating and processing SMTP-Batches.