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EuroBSDCon 2004 in Karsruhe, Germany

Talk: "Lightweight FreeBSD package cluster in a jail"

October 30th 2004, 14:45 - 15:30

How to setup a Jail to ensure clean package builds on FreeBSD. Maiking it easy to distribute customize packages for a couple of machine. Also use as a testbed to compile new or modified ports.

1. Generation the packages
- Differences to the bento cluster system.
- Motivation to start this project
- INDEX problems, Customizing
- Preserving good builds and reusing them
- How to decide if a port needs to be rebuild
- build only the packages you need.
- running each day
- how to clean your distfiles
- Performance in FreeBSD4 vs. FreeBSD5
- Caveats: e.g. Linux emulations

2. Keeping up to date
- find outdated ports
- running through the dependency tree.
- create a list of installed packages.
- small and full upgrades.
- naming problems with autodetection.

TargetAudience - Everybody
TargetOS - FreeBSD

This Talk was awarded as "Best Paper".

Download Paper in pdf.